Samsara Digital

What Is Samsara Digital?

Samsara Digital is safety. Samsara Digital is prosperity. Welcome to Samsara Digital, your trusted bastion against those who would take your hard-earned money and threaten your way of life.

Samsara. Achieve your desire.™

Security Consulting

Samsara's computer experts can protect your firewalls, reinforce your data, and perform penetration testing to expose the issues in your network's security before hackers turn you into a headline.


Samsara provides a wide range of corporate liability and disaster insurance, ensuring that even a tragedy won't affect your bottom line. Our newest product is the Cyber Liberation Digital Liability Policy, which ensures that your data and your assets are protected against losses due to malicious hackers.

Automated Logistics

Our expert systems can help you remove the risky human element from your most important decisions. Make your biggest choices with the assurance that all irrational emotion and fallability has been removed from your decision-making process. Using the most advanced heuristics and self-modifying algorithms, our automated logistics software thinks for you so you can rest easy.

Field Support

Do you do business in an unstable or politically tense region? Have you had bad luck with other consultants who insisted on exploitative "hazard pay" or unweildy security measures? Samsara protects its consultants with private security assistants, removing your responsibility and worry. You may find that our employee security even enhances your own on-site physical security efforts!

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